Butt Welding Shut-Off Valves


PORT SIZE: 1 ½: TRHU 12” (40mm – 300mm) for globe and angle form
SUPERFREEZE SBW-Series well designed and contracted low pressure drop refrigerant shut of valve are butt – weldable directly to steel piping, there by eliminating potential leaky flanges or threaded joints and simplifying installations.


Refrigerants : Suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717 (Ammonia), R-134a, R-404,

neutral, gaseous and liquid media

Temperature Range : -46oC to +116oC (-50` F to 240` F)
Temperature below : -60 F at lower pressure
Safe working pressure : 365 psig (25 bar)
Leak proof sealing : Non Metallic special polymer seal and taper seat provides leak proof sealing.
Back seating & gland packing : The heart of SUPERFREEZE shut-off-valve is the Patented stem packing
and backseat design
. This Patented design is used exclusivelySUPERFREEZE valves and virtually eliminates stem leakage.
Stem : Stainless Steel
Light Weight & Compact : Ease of installation
Flow : Can accept flow in both direction
Available in both wheel and vented cap option

Available in angle and straight types.


Ammonia refrigeration system suction, liquid discharge, recalculating liquid, hot gas and oil lines, using hand wheel of seal cap models and also compressor suction, discharge connections, condenser, evaporator inlet and outlet connections in ammonia, R22, R134a and other approved refrigerant.