Flanged Shut-Off Valves

TYPE : FSV (Flanged connections)

PORT SIZE : ½” thru 8″ (15mm – 200mm) for flanged connections.

TYPE : SSV (Screwed connections)

PORT SIZE : ¼” thru 2″ (6mm – 50mm) for screwed connections.

The advanced design and material of SUPERFREEZE FSV Series stop valves make them far superior product especially in regard to non leakage of seat, bonnets and back seating.
All valves are available in Straight and Angle form.


Refrigerants : R-717 (Ammonia), R-12, R-22 & other common refrigerants.
Temperature Range : -46oC to +116oC (-50` F to 240` F)
Safe working pressure : 365 psig (25 bar)
Leak proof sealing : Non Metallic special polymer seal and taper seat provides leak proof sealing.
Back seating & gland packing : The heart of SUPERFREEZE shut-off-valve is the Patented stem packing   and backseat design. This Patented design is used exclusively on   SUPERFREEZE valves and virtually eliminates stem leakage.