Solenoid Valves


The primary purpose of an electrically operated solenoid valve is to control automatically the flow of fluids, liquids or gas. SUPERFREEZE SFA-Series Solenoid valves may be applied on a wide variety of applications. These flanged, industrial refrigeration duty solenoid valves are very simple and compact but rugged in construction, These are direct acting or pilot operated solenoid valves for liquid suction and hot gas lines with ammonia or fluorinated refrigerant

SUPERFREEZE Solenoid valve type SFA5 is the direct operating type & type SFA 17, SFA 32, SFA 42, SFA 50 are higher capacity pilot operated solenoid valves for refrigeration controls & air conditioning applications.


Temperature of medium : -40oC to +80oC with 18 Watt coil
Safe Working Pressure : 300 psig (21 bar)
Refrigerant : Suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717 (Ammonia),

R-12, R-22, R-134A. R-404A, R-502

Coil : Same for all Superfreeze SFA-Series Solenoid Valves