Reflex Glass Liquid Level Indicator


SUPERFREEZE SLLI-Series The unbreakable Reflex Glass Liquid Level gauge is designed for safe & positive visual indication of liquid level in vessels under high pressure & temperature conditions. The liquid chamber is one piece metal body covered by glass. The light striking the glass in the liquid portion is absorbed by the liquid where as the light striking the glass in the vapor portion is reflected making the liquid appear as black.


It is suitable for monitoring liquid refrigerant & oil level for vessels as follows.

  • Receiver
  • Accumulator
  • Oil transfer drums
  • Low temp. Accumulator
  • Low temp. Oil transfer drums etc.


  • Suitable for all common Refrigerants including R-717 (ammonia), R-134a, R-22, neutral, gaseous and liquid media.
  • Tempered borosilicate glass resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical shocks.
  • Large chamber for boiling, flashing or surging liquids.
  • Safety ball gauge valve provided.
  • Standard sizes available 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″.