Monoblock Vertical Agitators

Vertical accumulators are made from Carbon Steel/low temp. plate shell and carbon steel/low temp. steel dished ends. Shells upto 300mm (12″) are made from seamless/welded pipes and above 300 mm, they are made from rolled plates.

  • They are simple and rugged in construction, double taper roller bearings at one end reduces noise and given long life to the agitator.
  • The propellers are available in 4 diameters 300mm (12″), 400mm (16″), 450mm (18″) and 50mm (20″).
  • The shafts are available in lengths of 965mm (36″), 1220mm (48″), 1525mm (60″), (72″), (80″).
  • Recommended motors are of 1400RPM, TEFC & squirrel cage of required HP.