Ice Bank Coils

Ice Bank Coils are evaporator coils made of pipes and dipped in a tank containing water. Ice is made and stored on the coil and used as and when required. The ice can be made at non-peak hours and can be utilized as and when required.

Ice Bank Coils are made of Heavy Duty pipes mostly of 32mm (1-1/4″) NB. The coils are fabricated without using U-bends and with minimum welding. They are supported with heavy duty angle Iron stands, Pressure tested at a pressure of 31 kg/cm2 (450psi) hydraulically.

The types available are:-


  • Conventional design
  • Spiral Type
  • Cross Flow type
  • Custom Built

Finish :

  • Red Oxide primer & aluminium paint.
  • Spray Galvanized
  • Hot Dip Galvanized


Any size can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Long Lasting
  • Plant can be operated during non-peak hours for building and storage of Ice and it can utilized during peak hours.