Electronic Liquid Level Controller


SUPERFREEZE Liquid Level controller types 38SLC are used to regulate the liquid level in a vessel or a flooded coil. The level controller consists of float chamber and an electronic controller. A level indicator module is also mounted on the controller consisting of LED’s operating in bar graph mode. The indicator display the rising and falling of liquid level inside the float chamber


Refrigerants : R-717 (Ammonia), R-12, R-22, R-502 etc.
Differential : Adjustable between 10 and 50 mm
Media temperature range : -45oC to +55oC
Max. permissible ambient

temperature for controller

: +55oC
Max. operating pressure

for float housing

: 21bar
Max. test pressure

for float housing

: 29bar
Enclosure : IEC 529 or DIN 40050

For float housing : IP65

For controller housing : IP55


Liquid level controller 38SLC is used to regulate the liquid level for example:

  • Flooded evaporates
  • Low pressure pump tanks in pump recirculation systems
  • Pump tanks in gas pump systems
  • Intermediate coolers in two stage refrigeration plant
  • Condensers

The 38SLC can also be used as a protection against too high or too low liquid levels.